…. “making your slippery floors SAFER”


What is it?

ANTI SLIP is a specially formulated liquid safety product applied by our fully trained and experienced Application Team to your ceramic, terracotta and quarry tiles, granite, pavers, concrete and unsealed terrazzo. ANTI SLIP is also very effective on enamel baths.

How does it work?

The product reacts well with slippery surfaces, slightly changing the texture of the surface to provide you with slip resistant safety, particularly in wet areas such as kitchens, change rooms, bathrooms, showers, external patios, entry foyers and ramps.

How will it look after treatment?

Presentation is important. After your floors have undergone the ANTI SLIP treatment you will notice little or no change in appearance. The real difference is in the improved slip resistance. Polished and glazed surfaces are retained.

How long will it last?

Because the ANTI SLIP treatment is a penetrate, not a coating, it lasts for the life of your floor surface. Good regular cleaning is all that is required to maintain the effectiveness of the treatment.

Independent tests (by government bodies) prove ANTI SLIP provides you with an average 75-100% improvement in slip resistance (see test result below) in WET CONDITIONS (which is when most accidents occur).

A typical test result carried out on Ceramic tiles (Flandre Mattone):-

Coefficient of Friction

  • Untreated tiles
  • Treated with ANTISLIP
  • Australian Standard
  • 0.25
  • 0.54
  • 0.40

The test demonstrated a dramatic improvement in slip resistance, which met and exceeded the Australian standard.

What will it cost?

Rates vary with the size of the floor to be treated. We are pleased to provide you with a no obligation free inspection and quotation. As the treatment lasts for the life of the floor surface, having your floor treated is an inexpensive way of providing dramatically improved slip resistant floor safety.

Your floors will only be treated by our FULLY TRAINED and EXPERIENCED Application Team (covered with Public Liability and Product Insurance – for your added protection).

Join our family of delighted clients who have entrusted us to help protect them with our renowned ANTI SLIP floor safety treatment.

ANTI SLIP FLOOR SAFETY Pty Ltd is the manufacturer as well as the applicator of the treatment. With many years experience in successfully treating slippery floors you can be assured of a high level of service and the best results in improved slip resistant safety.

Protect yourself and your property now – before it’s too late!!

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